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If you are looking for the best Chinese restaurants throughout San Francisco Bay Area, you should not miss A Bite of China US .Here you can find the very charm of Chinese food, especially Sichuan food.

 Among all the things that Chinese are proud of, Chinese cuisine is their top favor! Among the four best cuisine styles in China, Sichuan is the most famous! Now get to know one of the best Sichuan restaurants that you can find in Bay Area!

Sichuan cuisine is known for its unique spicy and hot flavor, its tastiness and appetite-evoking smell. Every dish has its uniqueness and there are hundreds of dishes!

A Bite of China US is proud of its Chongqing-style dishes (Chongqing being a very famous city in Sichuan). Its BBQ Live Whole Fish and House Special Flaming Pot are among its most unique offers. You will walk away with the lasting memory of the rich taste of its fish and chicken meat. The authentic Chongqing snacks are another special offer of the restaurant. The noodle of the snacks is made on the spot with customized noodle-making equipment and goes through no refrigeration or storage. The seasoning for the snacks are made from raw materials shipped directly from Sichuan and gives you truly what authentic Chinese food is about….and so on….

We are also very proud of having a great chief. Chef Du, known as the founder of A Bite of China US, started this authentic Chinese restaurant (formerly known as Spicy King) in San Francisco Bay Area 10 years ago. As a top-ranked chef in China, who once served the China’s top leaders at Sea Palaces compound (“White House” of China), Chef Du has been invited to 18 countries to perform his unique Chinese cuisine.

Mastering the essence of Sichuan cuisine, Chef Du has not stopped his steps towards better tastes and more dishes. Every year, he goes back to Sichuan province of China and studies the new dishes there. Besides, he also tries to renovate traditional dishes into new ones. In such a multi-cultural place as Bay Area, Chef Du is good at capturing the special needs of different customers and turning Chinese food into that Westerner diners like.

A Bite of China US updated its menus four times a year with new dishes. It is a Chinese restaurant you won’t get tired of. Its taste and non-stop pursuit for perfection has attracted large number of Chinese cuisine fans and its success has enabled it to grow to nine locations in Bay Area!

Meet, taste, enjoy, fall in love and remember—-this is the very joy that you get throughout Chinese food when you visit A Bite of China US, visit China town of San Francisco Bay Area.

A Bite of China US is the Chinese restaurant that you simply cannot miss, especially if you are a Westerner gourmet hunter.

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