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  • Spice Kitchen

    Spice Kitchen

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  • Anna D.

    Anna D.

    There are a lot of options and the decor is nice as well. We ordered a spicy fish soup dish and it was pretty good. This place is amazing on a rainy cold day. I'll probably be there again real soon because of the quick service and great food.
  • Nesha P.

    Nesha P.

    I went here for the first time last week and really enjoyed it. The restaurant was not busy at all despite the area being pretty busy that night. The service was very quick, but more importantly, the FOOD was delicious! You really get a lot of food with the price. We got the dumpling hot pot, kung pao chicken with rice, and the mouth numbing noodles. The flavors were great, we got everything extra spicy which was the perfect amount of spice for us. We were able to take the left over food home and it still tasted amazing. I think my favorite of the three dishes we ordered was the dumpling hot pot, the flavor of the dumplings were on point.
  • Jennifer K.

    Jennifer K.

    Amazing noodle dishes. Try the Tan Tan noodles. The best we've ever had.
    Service was quick and very good.
    Husband had Wonton soup. Also very good.
    Portions are abundant. 2 or 3 meals out of one bowl.
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